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Preparation in a new era of shoot production in SA

In response to the easing of shoot restrictions in Level 4 Lockdown, and in accordance with government regulations and permits, LUSTRE and LAMPOST have prepared health and safety protocols and the way ahead for our shoots.

In light of the urgent health concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, Lampost and Lustre companies are implementing the following socially responsible steps to ensure the good health and safety of our community, clients and cast. Let’s work together to limit the impact of COVID-19 whilst making excellent creative work. These guidelines follow South African government-issued recommendations to minimise contagion with proper hygiene on set and adequate social distancing.

Maintaining social distance

It is advised that people maintain a social distance of 2 meters while working.

Cleaning requirements

Production is responsible for the sanitisation of the environment which includes: door handles, surfaces, bathroom fixtures, and any equipment handled by more than one person. Dedicated cleaning staff will be on rotation throughout the shoot day to sanitise bathroom and work stations.

On Set Shoot requirements

A maximum of 50 people are permitted on set including cast, crew and agency. A dedicated on-set Safety Officer Medic service is required and included in all Lampost and Lustre productions with models. The SOM will check temperatures on arrival, administer hand sanitizer at intervals, monitor distancing, announce mandatory hand washing breaks etc. In line with curfew restrictions, shoots will take place between 5am and 8pm.

Promoting hygiene on set and face masks

Everyone on set is required to adhere to health authority guidelines on hygiene and behaviour required to minimise risk of spreading the disease. Wearing of your masks is compulsory as per government guidelines. Alcohol based hand sanitiser is to be made available at points of entry and common areas. Information on how to maintain proper hand hygiene is to be supplied to all people present on set - both in the form of official print materials from the health authorities and as part of the morning briefing.


Information regarding the risk of spreading COVID-19, and what behaviour is expected from everyone on set is to be made visible in common areas. This includes Agency and Client.

Regarding illness

Anyone exhibiting mild or severe symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted entry to set. A dry cough, fever, muscle pain and sore throat are considered to be symptoms of COVID-19.


Each person on shoot is required to sign a declaration that notes their recent history risk profile, and confirms their understanding of COVID-19 protocols and their agreement to abide by the rules put in place. All indemnity forms are to be signed digitally and completed prior to a shoot.

Pre-production meetings

All pre-production meetings are to be held on online meeting platforms, Zoom, Skype, Blue Jeans etc.

Shooting in studio

Studio spaces will be disinfected prior to shoot commencement and then again daily for multiple day shoots.

Gear check and collection

Gear rental houses are to thoroughly disinfect all equipment immediately prior to the gear check and collection session.

Location shooting

If a location shoot is the best creative option, we will have a closed set to minimize contact with the public.

Minimising the amount of people on set

The number of crew on set should be kept to the minimum required. Agency and Client are likewise encouraged to send the fewest possible number of representatives.

Remote viewing

Our shoots have capacity to set up separate screen areas for clients, or to view remotely off site.

Tiered arrivals and entry to set

To the extent possible - call times will be staggered so each department is given access at timed intervals . All cast and crew to arrive wearing masks, as mandated by government during this period.


All post production to be managed digitally in regards to communications and transferring of media. Drop-off/collection of hard drives after the shoot is discouraged.

Make-up and hair

Before and after hair and make-up sessions, both talent and make-up artist are required to wash or sanitise their hands. Applicators are not permitted to be reused on different people. This includes Mascara and lipstick. Work stations need to be cleaned between each user, and distanced a minimum of 2 meters apart. Briefs that require wigs are to be bought new or are the models’ own. Hiring or sharing of wigs to be discouraged.

Wardrobe fittings/approval

Approval of wardrobe can be done remotely via Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom or Blue Jeans. In person wardrobe fittings are to be conducted only for specific briefs, with proper social distancing and protocols followed. Only essential wardrobe team are to be present and client signoff can be done remotely.

Wardrobe & props team on set

Before and after styling, both talent and stylist are required to wash or sanitise their hands. Production is required to provide dressing facilities where social distancing measures can be upheld.

Model castings

Model casting done via online portfolio’s and model cards at this time. Casting should, as a rule, be done remotely using self tapes and z-cards. Cast to use own transport to arrive on set, or as arranged by model agency within the government guidelines.

Shooting with minors

Only 1 parent/guardian per child model to attend shoots. No additional family members are permitted. Only parents/guardians are to have physical contact to dress child artists on set.


All cutlery and crockery will be sterilized and individually wrapped. Meals will be provided in individually prepackaged meals. Beverages will be served from individual bottles. No craft table is allowed on set. Individually sealed refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Coronavirus insurance cover

The latest developments regarding Covid-19 may impact our upcoming productions. Please note that any and all costs related to any delay, postponement, abandonment or cancellation caused directly or indirectly by the virus, are not covered within the traditional shoot public liability insurance.

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