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How we create in these extraordinary times

During this time of global uncertainty and stasis, we have paused to reflect and rethink: to go back to the core and remember why we create. We create because we are artists and it can't be any other way. We have found new ways to work and keep creating in these extraordinary times. Whether in home studios or out on the deserted streets of the world's metropolises, we are busy, we are engaged, we are making images that will live beyond this moment in history.


One of the first photographers to pioneer digital art in commercial work, Sacha has become known for his skill at transforming raw ideas into captivating, exquisitely crafted images. During lockdown in New York City, Sasha is tapping into this 30-year experience in digital image manipulation, comping and complex post-production to continue offering clients the same level of services. His processes allows for backgrounds and talent/product to be shot separately, in line with social distancing regulations, and the magic to happen in post-production. In parallel to his commercial work, Sasha has been documenting the streets of NYC, eerily empty during lockdown. These haunting images have already caught the attention of a global brand and will be used as backgrounds for an upcoming campaign


Internationally renowned photographer Kevin Mackintosh and set designer/art director Daryl McGregor are together in Cape Town for lockdown. Kevin is known for his dramatic and theatrical fashion, advertising and still life imagery. He has an extensive and varied archive of backgrounds available that can be used for product campaigns. Daryl, with his distinct eye for detail, is on hand to offer world-class styling. Together, this formidable creative couple can produce highly stylised still life and product images from their home in Cape Town.


Known for her charismatic portraits for lifestyle and fashion campaigns, Alexa’s images capture emotion and the human spirit. Across South Africa, the Covid-19 pandemic has been an added blow to the poor and vulnerable in society. During lockdown, Alexa has become involved with a local organisation, Where Rainbows Meet, that provides two meals a day to over 1400 adults and children in the neighbourhood. Her images documenting the work of the soup kitchen is a poignant reminder of the realities faced by many in society, as well as a heart-warming testament to the spirit of generosity that perseveres through hard times.


Based between London and Cape Town, Mark is at home in South Africa for lockdown with a beautiful family who are professional adult and teen models. Alongside his highly composed and glamorous fashion imagery, Mark has been shooting more casual lifestyle scenes which beautifully capture candid domestic moments. As a creative director turned photographer, Mark’s understanding of brand and advertising objectives make him a favourite of clients around the globe. With experience conceptualising and creating global sports and fashion campaigns, Mark has a multidisciplinary approach and brings a full suite of creative skills to his work. His sophisticated stills and moving image work, gracefully brings campaigns to life across mediums.


Established Germany-based photographer, Michael travels the world creating stills and moving images for fashion and advertising campaigns. Michael’s charismatic nature quickly puts his subjects at ease – he is focused and fun to work with. This is reflected in his studio portraiture work and the child artists’ expressions of joy achieved in group shots. Using soft studio lighting, the subjects of his portraits seem to radiate from within. His experience working in remote locations around the world and producing shoots with a small team of crew primed him for shooting within lockdown restrictions. Michael’s ability to problem-solve with cost-effective solutions while delivering beautiful imagery, have made him a firm favourite of clients around the world. Based in Dusseldorf, Michael is available to shoot across Germany and in neighbouring countries as borders reopen.


With a minimalist aesthetic that uses simplicity to striking effect, Alex plays with forms, colours, texture and expressions in his work to capture his subject’s inherent beauty. His imagery is dramatic and lyrical, exploring the subtle and extreme range of human form and emotion. Based in Berlin, Alex has been shooting consistently throughout lockdown and within the German restrictions, can shoot in private locations and in studio with local models. His available archive features a range of beauty and fashion imagery



With strong conceptual capabilities, Elena regularly produces, casts and styles her own photoshoots. A model-turned-photographer, art direction, styling and makeup fall under her umbrella of skills. Her visual language is inspired by femininity and her images capture fierce attitude, beauty and elegance. Elena has a vast archive of beauty and fashion stock images available for brands to work with.


Aart has a distinctive style that balances the daring and provocative with a commercial aesthetic. His former training as a patisserie chef is evident in his skilful and complex still life compositions. With an unique eye for the human form, Aart is a regular collaborator with fashion’s avant-garde. He has an extensive archive of fashion, beauty and lifestyle stock images available for campaigns, and from his home studio, can style and shoot still life setups with natural or studio lighting. Added to Aart’s lockdown home studio repertoire is a stylist, makeup artist and fashion designer who live in the same building.


Often on the road between far-flung and out of the way places, Francois’s work exists at the confluence of documentary, portraiture and landscape photography. His images capture transients encounters and overlooked scenes with a subtle eye that makes the ordinary interesting. His image library is a doorway to the open road. To this archive he will be adding new documentation of urban environments shot with analogue cameras exploring themes of silence and isolation during the pandemic.

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