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Mr Price - Obsessed with Knitwear

We share a sneak peak into the making of the latest Mr Price knitwear campaign.

During the production we asked art director Darryn Rowe a few question and this is what he had to say:

Q: Why did you choose Lustre to produce this campaign?

A: Our previous jobs together have been world class and I know Lustre will continue to deliver

Q: Did you feel like service received with Lustre was on par with the standard you are used to?

A: Far better

Q: What made it a unique experience for you?

A: The “never say die” attitude of Lustre staff. There is never an obstacle too big

Q: How was your experience working with stylist Claire Channing?

A: I have worked with Claire for a couple years now and she shares the values of Lustre, always over-delivering

Q: Would you recommend Lustre ?

A: Obviously :)

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