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Where Rainbows Meet

This video has been produced by acclaimed South African photographer Alexa Singer and shot & edited by filmmaker Benitha Vlok who collaborated and donated the video to community support organisation, Where Rainbows Meet, to assist in their appeal for support from both government, the South African public and international donors. Music by Tom And His Computer, drone footage by Nick Burton Moore.

Where Rainbows Meet, a Cape Town based community support organisation that has responded to the worsening COVID-19 food crisis, has released a video highlighting the dire food shortage and needs within communities in the Western Cape, and to appeal for long term government assistance and corporate support. The organisation’s Food4COVID19 programme provides help to over 10,000 people in the Western Cape, serving meals to over 2,500 people within the Vrygrond community and provide resources to an additional 30 kitchens active in the Steenberg, Lavender Hill, Riemvasmaak, Overcome Heights, Hillview and other areas.

To date, Where Rainbows Meet has received no financial support from the government and has relied on donations and contributions from individuals and organisations to sustain its community programmes and COVID-19 food support. “Through this video we are appealing to our government for long term assistance” says Mymoena Scholtz, Director of the organisation. “People are hungry every day, people need meals and support every day and so we need long term, sustained support from our government and the broader Cape Town community to be able to provide for people every day. Our organisation brings hope to our communities, it is what drives us and why we get up every day. We are here on our own looking after our people and we desperately need help, we are in great danger” says Mymoena Scholtz, Director of Where Rainbows Meet.

“Food scarcity is a huge issue in this country. I’ve never understood why in a country like ours, where most people are poor, and where we grow so much locally, that prices are sky high. Food has become a luxury that most people here cannot afford. We need to really start discussing why and how we can help each other”. Says Alexa Singer who produced the video. “What struck me most while filming this video was the dead stare seriousness in every single child's eyes when looking into the camera. In all my years of filming in communities such as these, I have never seen this. Kids are always filled with joy to see a camera. This to me is a real indication of the pain our society is going through” says Benitha Vlok who filmed the video. Mymoena Scholtz concluded “First and foremost we are appealing to our government to help us with support over the long term. We are also appealing to all South Africans, corporates and international donors; we understand that there are financial constraints and people are feeling fatigued by being asked to give and give and give - but we will have hungry people to feed tomorrow and the next day and then the next. We ask you, if you have the means to give, no matter what or how much - money, resources, food or your time - it will make a difference and contribute to providing a hot meal to a child, a senior or someone who is unemployed tomorrow”.

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