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Lustre is excited to introduce new to our board Stylist and Creative Director Gavin Mike Collins

Meet Stylist and Creative Director Gavin Mikey Collins, an innovative talent who seamlessly blends his identity with his creative work. As a proud queer individual, Gavin has harnessed his experiences to craft a unique path in his work. From founding event Diskotekah to styling projects for celebrated trans poet and performer Alok Vain-menon, notably the helm as creative director for queer music, fashion and culture magazine Apocalipstick to a project exploring female role models titled “Kwaai Girls “ for Dazed, Gavin is able to blend identity, experiences and culture with his work.

A staunch supporter of local fashion design, Gavin craftly weaves his passion and exploration for the African continent’s rituals and traditions into a distinctive style narrative. His collaboration with brands Orange Culture, Chuulap & Tokyo James underscores his dedication to championing regional creatives on a global stage .

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