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New to the Rise Board

At RISE we strive to recognise fresh talent of emerging creatives. This week we introduce photographer Zander Opperman, and makeup artist Orli Meiri.

Zander Opperman

Unapologetically brazen and unique, Zander Opperman’s photography has garnered attention from mainstream and underground brands and publications alike. With a portfolio that features frequent clients like Levi’s and Jeep Footwear, lookbooks for local millinery brand Simon and Mary and Marianne Fassler's striking AW 2017 campaign, his range of work is as diverse as it is impressive. Zander’s images capture a sense of raw emotion, and have been featured in numerous print and online publications including Gay Pages, Vulkan Online, Kaltblut and Playhaus Magazine.

Orli Meiri

Born in Potchefstroom and raised in Johannesburg, makeup artist Orli Oh has a background in styling and production and sees the world as scenes that can be captured and recreated through photography. Orli is passionate about changing the way people perceive makeup and considers it an overlooked art form that should be used to accentuate inherent beauty. She believes that everyone is beautiful and that there’s no such thing as perfection. Her philosophy is to use makeup as a tool to create identities and help people feel good about themselves. She embraces the weird and wonderful and her makeup aesthetic ranges from the avant-garde to natural, healthy skin that glows.

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