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Photographer Justin Dingwall now represented by Lustre

Justin Dingwall uses his critical photographic eye to focus on delving deeper into topics that affect society, his photographs have gained wide acclaim for their powerful composition and emotional resonance. His professional photographic career began after he graduated cum laude from the Pretoria Technikon Arts Campus. Whilst making his name as a commercial and fine art photographer, Justin won numerous awards including a gold in the Fuji Film Awards for portraiture. “My imagery is not bound by language or culture,” he explains, “I want people to be affected by my images. As long as someone is feeling something, I am achieving my goals”. Justin’s critically acclaimed fine art photo series Albus explores albinism in contrast to idealised perceptions of beauty through exquisite portraits with models Thando Hopa and Sanele Xaba. The series has been exhibited widely, including the JoburgArtFair and is currently on an international exhibition tour.Justin’s work is displayed around the world in museums, corporate and private collections.

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