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Exhibiting at Inside Out Art Gallery on 17-19 September

This is where we find ourselves, we are in the moment of being rerouted. We face a choice for a different path, a new course, an unfamiliar way to get to our destination. We had plans, our journeys mapped out, until we were unexpectedly forced to change direction. This art series is a commentary on our current situation, and the unexpected roads we must navigate. It focuses on travel, and how restrictions on our movement affects every aspect of our lives. From visiting loved ones, going to and from work, and many other activities, travel forms a predominant part of life. Without it, we experience separation and loneliness, financial loss, retrogression… society just stops. Voyaging is largely how society progresses, as humans explore, learn, and find new pathways and livelihoods. We cannot move forward without travel. Fashion is also an important feature in this series. The artworks are a collaboration between a fashion designer and fine art photographer, and became a visual journey for them both, as they each investigate what travel means to them. The element of fashion evokes ideas of self-identity and exploration. It can be something very personal. Here, the art series highlights not only themes of physical journey (in the objects of transportation), but also inner journey of the self.

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