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Showcasing King Kong's latest cover story, by Lustre creatives Kevin Mackintosh and Daryl McGregor

We showcase the latest cover story for King Kong's "Migration" issue, Wasteland.

We asked photographer Kevin Mackintosh and production designer Daryl McGregor for their thought process leading up to this shoot, and what inspired them most.

“We took TS Elliot’s 'The Wasteland' as our inspiration for our story for King Kong’s ‘Migration’ issue. It speaks to issues of migration, immigration, displacement and a search for identity which I think are very current politically and socially. We wanted to create a strong, heroic and defiant cast of characters making their way in a pretty bleak urban environment. I think the toughness, individuality and resolve of youth now is remarkable and beautiful.” Daryl McGregor

"My homage to the many voices in Africa that are now finally being heard and recognised. I have championed Africa, even though I have lived abroad for 30 years, traveling back every year and building a body of work with the many wonderful creatives that I have met out there. I am very proud of the contribution I have made and the work is a very integral part of my photographic handwriting. The story is about people moving between places, carrying their 'worlds' with them. I was very influenced by the great 'Outtalappies', an artist and sculptor that lived in the Karoo making his art with recycled glass and plastics he found on the rail tracks. He would transport all of this by means of a caravan of small carts. There was something very poetic about this 'traveller' and around his neck was a polished spoon that he would use for all manner of things… he told me 'that’s all you need'." Kevin Mackintosh

Photography: Kevin Mackintosh | Production design: Daryl McGregor | Styling: Haidee Findlay-Levin | Makeup: Gareth Harris | Hair styling: Roger Cho | Production: Creative Exchange Agency | Post Production: Swansong | Models: Aweng Chuol with Nevs models, Theodore with IMG Models, Connor Jackson with Select, Emma Dobson with Mand P Models

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